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Valentine's Day

Valentine's day has always been a favorite holiday of mine right after Halloween and Christmas.It all started when I was a teen in High school back in the 80's. In the summer my friends and I would go to the swap meet. It was huge. We would look for the jewelry and sunglasses vendors. We would buy the heart shaped sunglasses in bright colors. We would also buy the earrings. They were huge. I would gravitate towards the heart shapes for some reason. They were appealing to me. My friends didn't understand why it was always hearts for me. I didn't think it was such a big deal, but I allowed their comments to hurt my feelings back then. My stuff became the "sweet" fill in the blank for them. The "sweet mobile", The "sweet" this, that, and the other. It made me not want to hang around them anymore. It wasn't like I was collecting or hoarding heart stuff. I think these girls secretly loved them also but were too afraid to express themselves …

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