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My paranormal cat story

This is my own true, personal story.I had always been a skeptic when it comes to reincarnation and paranormal activity until a psychic helped me piece it all together. This person wishes to remain anonymous for now, so I will respect their wishes and not include their name.Growing up, I had always had cats. I remember the particular sounds that they'd make when jumping on or off the table, for instance. The sound of their footsteps, and the feel of them walking on me.It all started in the early 90's for me. I would hear a cat jumping off the dining room chair onto the floor. At the time, my cats would be sleeping on the couch next to me, or someplace else where I could see them. Eventually, I would feel this invisible cat's footsteps on the bed at night when there was no real, living cat on my bed. It was happening daily but I dismissed it. I figured, no harm done. My own cats were getting older and eventually passed on, but the paranormal cat continued. I felt it walking …

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