What causes men to abuse women?

And I'm not talking all men. I'm talking, the ones I have come across in my life. Why do men degrade women? And why must they do it in front of their friends too? Why is it a pack of men agaisnt 1 woman? I'd like to know. Even if it is 1 man against 1 woman, the woman is weaker. What goes through their heads to make them want to pick an unfair fight? I really want to know the logic behind this.


  1. There are several good books on the subject by Patricia Evans but by far the best (sent to me free when I ordered something else from amazon!) is Lundy Bancroft's 'Why does he do that?' But ultimately it's more rewarding to take the focus off 'him' and put your energy into rebuilding your life, as I'm sure you are already doing.

  2. Thanks for the input on it, I will have to take a look, even if I wasn't in an abusive relationship, it is something that always baffled me. Yeah, Im trying to rebuild my life, he comes around every once in a while to try to control. I think I will browse amazon in a bit, it's been a while, lol

  3. Good idea to have a browse when you have time. If money's tight you can sometimes glean all you need from reading the reviews!


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