Cathedrals anyone?

I put some new things in my store yesterday. It is a church with a clock on it. I took this while living in France. The village sits near the Seine river and this church sits on a street corner of the village but what got me was the sheer disrespect of it because people had been walking their dogs on the grounds and you could not take 2 steps without stepping in poo, there was so much poo surrounding it, even near the steps, it smelled bad. I took several shots that day but I really had to be careful, and the place the church is at is very scenic and in a "rich" village too.

Here is is in a pinky mauve version

And a blue fantasy version
blue clocktower bag
blue clocktower by TheHopefulRomantic
Make your own bag at

this clocktower is available on many items in my store.


  1. Super photo! (I'd heard that France was really bad for dog poo in public places). What a coincidence - I've been uploading a cathedral painting to my zazzle store this evening too! See you found the 'reactions' buttons :-)

  2. That is an awesome photo! I think you will do very well with that.


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