I got too excited in the 99 cent store yesterday

Yesterday I went to the 99 cent store and I noticed it said "Halloween Headquarters" on a big sign outside. I was like "OMG!!!I gotta go in there". Oh wow, what an experience. All was fine, I went inside. Stepped into the Halloween section, and felt something in my nose. I started bleeding profusely with the biggest nosebleed I had ever had. It was like runnung out and dripping all over the floor. It took about 20 mins to get it under control. Surprisingly no one came to my help except for a little Asian man who was already next to me in the aisle, and my daughter who was with me. People were ignoring me and even workers passing me by. I was really surprised by peoples lack of concern. Does nobody care anymore? I made a big mess all over the floor and I even cleaned it up with some diaper wipes after I got it under control. People are so desensitized here anymore that they have lost the ability to care...
Anyways, after getting it all cleaned up and feeling back to normal, I decided to stroll down the aisle. They have some really cute stuff in there. Some cute skeletons with glitter, tombstones, skulls, cute candleholders, spooky wall murals, I can go on and on. So I am going to start my decorating today. I know it is early but I am already there. I have 2 lifesize Halloween skeletons that stay out year round. They even get decorated for Christmas. Here they are.

Christmas randomness by =Gothicmama on deviantART
So I will spend most of the day getting out the boxes of Halloween stuff. I hope I have a little time for zazzle.


  1. Sorry to hear about your nosebleed. Glad everything was alright! I love the dollar store. :)


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