Randomness and a new blog

As part of my therapy I have decided to make a blog where I will share some of my abusive moments. Not like what you might be thinking. These are the funnier moments. It makes me laugh and that is good therapy. I will also randomly post some of my zazzle stuff there.
For this blog I want to feature other sellers as well as my own stuff from time to time. I wish I could get on here daily but I am a student and a homeschooling mom. In addition to that I am trying to organize my zazzle shop and fix tags and descriptions on at least 4000 products. I have over 5000 in my store now but most need alot of work. So I spend alot of time doing that.

Here are some abuse related items from my store. No offense intended to anyone except abusers, these are related to my own personal experiences


  1. I can't get a link to my other blog on here. It's http://experienceswithapsychopath.blogspot.com/


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