Those after Halloween sales do me in everytime

Drats! there went the budget. This year, thankfully I only bought 2 things as compared to last year when I went totally crazy. I am a big Halloween nut and like to keep alot of my stuff out all year round. This year, I bought a big fake lighted up spooky tree. I don't know where it will fit in my already crammed apartment. My walls are covered in art and all the furniture is decorated. Whew. Then I bought a lighted up urn at half off. I'm trying to think up a way to put up that tree and incorporate it with all the other holidays and I think I'm gonna fail. As it is I have a very spooky skeleton butler that stays out all year and scares away all the religious people that come to my door as he is the door guard, and he stands over 7 feet tall. Then I have my other skeleton who stays out all year and gets decorated for Christmas too. So who knows. My kids even love it. I have 2 Goths in the making, hehe, anyways, though Halloween is over, I am still in the mood to create stuff for it. I will try hard to move on into Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it won't be easy.
I do have a few new pairs f shoes to show off.


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