My new vampire kitty photosculpture magnet

I just love the Zazzle photosculptures. I love ordering them as the magnets. This one is my fat round black vampire kitty. He is wearing a cape, has fangs, and red eyes. Very ferocious. This magnet measures 4 1/4" by 5". It is an acrylic cutout. My phone pics cannot do it justice. I apologize for the fuzziness of the pic. It is much clearer than shown in my bad photos. Here is is propped up against one of my kid's dolls which is standing on my printer. It is showing some reflections cause it is so shiny.
Excuse the blurriness of this picture. I really need a new camera.
And check this out for fun. Ha Ha, looks like I am playing an instrument.
Anyways the photosculptures are alot of fun. Here is where you can find Vampire kitty He's on a bumper sticker too.


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