My new Zazzle dish towel arrived!

This is a dish towel that I ordered out of my own store. It is a damask fleur de lis pattern in multicolor pink to purple on black. I have ordered this design on many items from my store. Even on a custom pair of shoes and a mug. Scroll down a couple of posts to see the mug. The print does turn out slightly lighter than shown, as is to be exptected for a textured fabric item. The fabric is a waffle weave and it is white on the back side. The print turned out very sharp. I am going to show a couple of scans and my iphone photos of it. Please note that my scans and pictures do not do it justice. Here is a picture of one of the corners folded over to reveal the backside.
Here it is laying on my printer where I got it on my iphone. The background pic is a game art poster. Can you guess who? Anyways, that was totally unrelated.
This is a scan of it.
Here it is in my store. Gorgeous elegant fleur de lys victorian damask with a punky goth look to it in shades of pink, purple, and black.


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