My dry erase board from Zazzle arrived today!

Wow is all I can say. The dry erase boards are so nice in person. It looks to be of a really nice quality. I was expecting something more of the type that school kids use but I was very pleasantly surprised. There is a piece of acrylic in front of my artwork with a white backing. It looks like glass, seriously. On the back are 3 pieces of double sided tape. I plan to glue a magnetic sheet to the back to use on the fridge. I think these would make really great Christmas gifts. Anyways it is a design in my store that I recently did for a Halloween themed gothic wedding. It has some black damasks motifs on a gray background with blood splatters here and there. Here are a few quick phone pictures of it. The glare on it is the tv. This is the medium size.
Another view
Here is the backside. I kinda got it at a weird angle. I assure you that it is a perfect rectangle though.
Here it is in my store


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