Cute damask personalized monogram candy jar

I ordered a personalized jar full of jelly beans. I am so happy with the way it turned out. This little 3 inch tall glass jar is so adorable. I only wish my camera was working to take a picture. The printing on the lid turned out so clean and clear. There is a texture you can feel on the lid. Just wanted to say that this was well worth it for me as it is personal. I always had a hard time with my name because I was teased terribly for it all my child and teen years. I had been so ashamed of it that I started calling myself by a new name and it stuck all these years. Well I decided I am going to put the shame behind me once and for all, and forgive those who made fun of my name all those years ago. I ordered this jar to put on my desk proudly as a declaration that I accept my name finally. The candy only sweetens my name. And those jelly beans were good. Yum. This jar is very well made and looks like it came from an expensive boutique. Makes a pretty gift idea too. And if anyone is reading this and wondering what my name is, it is "Lorelei".


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